On one hand, having this week completely off save for the occasional coffee date has been wonderful. I can eat exactly on my schedule, lay on the couch and generally rest my legs. On the other hand, having nothing to fill my time leads to moments of complete and utter taper panic. Somehow it’s already Thursday and since the weather seems set on changing every few hours, I’ve even stopped checking my weather websites. It’ll be what it’ll be…

Today, my pre-race rituals begin. I’ll run an easy 4 with Christine and her sister this afternoon. Tonight, I’ll eat a pasta dinner (tortellini and red sauce with copious garlic bread) and watch Spirit of the Marathon. 

On Friday, I won’t run at all and even my usual hike with the dog will be on flat ground. I’ll pack my race bag which includes everything from a singlet to warm up in to my post-race skirt. In the afternoon, the Rookie (Justin) and I are going to be (local) TV stars on WCAX’s the :30. KC arrives late in the evening and suddenly, it’s marathon weekend.

On Saturday, I’ll watch Yam Scram and a few track races at the Essex Invitational, then head to the Expo to pick up my bib. I’m coercing KC into a 3 mile shakeout run in the afternoon, followed by a lazy evening of pasta with friends. Scott lands at 10:30, but KC and I are pretty sure we’re insisting he takes a cab…

Sunday morning starts early. I’ll wake up around 5, walk the dog and eat my first breakfast. My biggest goal for the morning is to have 20 ounces of fluid down by 7 am so that I can be hydrated AND done visiting the bathroom well before loading in the corral at 7:50. When I get down to the start, I’ll jog for a few minutes, stretch my always tight calf muscles, check in with my training partners and lay down on the grass. And then it all starts…


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  1. Ryan

    As awful as work has been this week now that my attention span is down in the 10 second neighborhood, I could not imagine not having to be somewhere and look like I am doing something. I have WAY too much pent up energy and feel like I have been exceptionally lazy for the past week and a half. If not for work, I would have broken by now and started obsessively working out. I just keep telling myself that people who know a lot more than I do strongly advocate for tapering, so I will continue to force myself to maintain tapering. That being said, work tomorrow will probably set new benchmarks for non-productivity and misery.


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