So Much For Relaxing

I had grand plans to take June off to recuperate from the MCATs, the semester, pulling together my AMCAS application and the marathon, but that plan never came to fruition. Instead, I’m working two jobs, coaching and trying to get back to training, all well trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to keep up with friends and enjoy the summer in Burlington.

The bad news is, I’m exhausted. 70 hour work weeks plus coaching mean I have limited time for all the random things that need to get done, like laundry and coordinating team racing for GMAA. It’ll be worth it, however, to be able to take time off next summer right before medical school.

The good news is, I’m getting back into running and despite still experiencing a lot of fatigue that is out of line with my training load, everything feels good and strong. I did a mile repeat workout last Saturday for my first workout back and despite some seriously awkward form for the first mile managed a 5:54 and a 5:41. It was nice to have the second mile feel much better than the first! I’m aiming for about 30 miles this week and then will settle in at 45 to 50 for the rest of the summer.

My first race is next week too, at the Clarence DeMar 5K on the 4th. While I’m excited to take a crack at a PR, I’m more excited because I get to share the race experience with my sister and aunt who will also be joining for the event. Last year, Clarence DeMar was hot and humid, making for a miserable slogfest. I’m fully prepared for another hot, sticky day but excited to do some short, fast running again.

One of the reasons my training load is relatively low this summer is because I’m focusing on re-building (or perhaps building for the first time) strength in my legs. To do this, I’m hiking and trail running. Both build strength and stability which will come in handy as my miles build again through the fall.

Despite my exhaustion, I’m excited to be feeling recovered and to find that nothing was permanently broken. Now if only I can find a few hours to sleep…

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