My Next Big Event

is the Brain Freeze 5K on Saturday. After a long training cycle and recovery period plus a race last week at Clarence DeMar, I’m ready for some fun. So on Saturday after my regular long run, I’ll sprint 1.5 miles, down a pint of ice cream and run 1.5 miles more. Easy, right?

My race strategy is to bring a tough spoon, wear gloves and hope the 90 degree weather melts the pints into a more drinkable form.

Pictures to follow…

One thought on “My Next Big Event

  1. Jay Furr

    I’m also signed up for the Brain Freeze 5K. I think it’s a safe bet that you’ll finish far, far in front of me. Of course, that depends on how fast you can eat the ice cream. They will be providing wooden spoons. You get your choice of Cherry Garcia, Half Baked, or Americone Dream.


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