Saturday Smarts: Bite Sized Fitness

One of my long standing rules for myself is that even when I’m tired, sick or just unmotivated, I have to attempt my scheduled run for at least 10 minutes then reassess. Often, this ten minutes is enough to convince me to complete the workout. If not, the day wasn’t a total dud. While general fitness and hypertension isn’t my main motivation for this rule, it’s great to see that the 10 minute rule has benefits for people all over the fitness spectrum.

Basically, researchers found that when people engaged in three 10 minute sessions throughout the day, the benefits to heart and general health were greater than a single 30 minute session. This is great news for people who are busy or for those who are intimidated by the idea of a 30 minute workout. I’m for anything that gets people more active, so I hope that the idea that every single minute of movement counts continues to catch on. Social media campaign anyone?

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