Monday Motivation

I realized this weekend that even though my running has been put on hold with my Plantar issues, every other aspect of my training doesn’t have to go out the window.  Sadly for me I realized this after going on a food binge that included:

A Monstrous Red Door Peanut Butter Chip Cream Cheese Brownie and a 6 inch diameter, ½ inch thick Molasses Ginger Cookie (both of these consumed in less than an hour)

Not to mention two servings of Peanut Butter Pie (Village Cup Jericho – don’t even think of going there till the end of the season), four slices of inch thick French Toast (crusty, chewy Bohemian Bread) and stealing quarters of PB&J and scoops of Ice Cream off my kids plates/bowls.

Ok so I’m a little bummed about not running since Friday.  Other than well deserved marathon recoveries I’ve not taken 3 days off from running in over two years.

Sweets own my soul.  I can’t live without them.  I know it’s bad when I don’t even taste the savory portion of the meal and think only of dessert.  It’s like the entrée is an elderly driver poking along 10 miles under the speed limit in front of me.  I just want to bypass it altogether and get to the real stuff, the delicious, sweet, thick, preferably chocolate drenched/loaded dessert.

Anyways back to my realization: keep focused, stay on track and keep training even though I can’t run.  So starting today I’m eliminating all sweets until the fall marathon.  I used to be diligent about entering my calories at but have slacked recently, so I’m back to counting calories, every meal, every day until race day.

To take things up a notch further I’m striving for diet perfection: no sweet, treats, beer/alcohol, basically anything that isn’t an essential nutrition for training.  Plus I need to meet or be under my calorie goal each and every day.  How many days in a row can I be perfect?  Earlier in this cycle I went two months with literally less then 5 treats (a margarita, glass of wine, brownie Sunday, cookie and I forget the last one,) and was Vegan.   I can’t be Vegan anymore because I ended up being anemic and low iron(whoops), but I can do everything else and more!  Woohoo all aboard the Motivation Train!

3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. bob

    Assuming this is Tim… 1) why no mention of you’re serious addiction to fish sandwiches? 2) Hang in there, man. It does get better.

  2. runnerunderpressure

    Bob!!! Ok so admitting you have a sweets addiction is one thing, but admitting that you dream about a crispy, crunchy, mellow, soft, creamy, perfectly fried, fish sandwich that is only available but once a year is a place I’m not ready to go yet as a runner.

    Oh and BTW you contributed heavily to this food battle/journey giving me motivation in Jessica B’s kitchen last summer with talk of running at night, eating salads and dropping weight.

    So is Cape Cod on your schedule again this year?

    1. bob

      It is not. I’m resisting the urge for a fall marathon. Just trying to build weekly mileage up and see how the ole knee responds. Up to mid-40’s without issue thus far. Likely will give VCM a go. I’m certain it will be a cool, overcast day next year… I wish I could offer some solid advice on staying light while inactive. It is not something I’ve mastered yet. Though learning to flail in the pool did help maintain some semblance of aerobic fitness.


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