10 Minute Run, Part II

Yesterday I went out for another 10 minute run test and it didn’t go well.  Every day the pain in my Plantar gets better and better so I was expecting some sort of progress on the run especially since it had been four days since I last ran for 10 minutes.  But no, it felt exactly like last time.  I was instantly bummed and considered stopping after two minutes and giving up, plus it was pitch black (had to get up and be at the gym at 5am to be back home in time to help the kids get off to school) and it was raining outside (hurricane Isaac was bearing down on Vermont) and add to the fact that I was running this little 3 min loop near the gym and a good third of the loop ran along this garbage truck storage place and I could practically taste the garbage ooze each time I went by.  Could things actually get any more bleak?

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