6 hours of Elliptical later…

Last week’s cross training blitz was on.  I was feeling overzealous and asked for more tonnage on the cross training and coach Jess delivered with a payload of almost 15 hours of elliptical, biking, swimming and yoga.  Ok so Yoga doesn’t count so really only 13 hours of cross training.  The breakdown went something like this:

Lip (Elliptical): 5.5 hours

Swim: 3 hours

Core & Upper body strength: 2 hours

Biking: 1.5 hours

Coach Jess also added in some speed work on the Lip which wasn’t really the same but at least got my heart racing a bit, which on a Lip I find hard to do.  I had a 10 x 2 min fartlek and after doing my first 5 reps as fast as my legs could go on the machine I doubted whether I could finish the workout.  I love and hate these feelings as I have them on most challenging speed workouts.  Not knowing if you are going to make it through and finding some way to break down the last challenging patch and come out on the other side.  And when you get there and finish, sometimes surprising yourself by finishing even stronger than you thought, can there be a better feeling?  And so even though I was on the Lip and getting lots of odd looks from the people probably thinking what is that flailing lunatic doing, it was a pretty awesome time and so very close to run training.

I forgot to mention that I ran last week as well.  Why did I forget to mention it?  Because it was for a grand total of 50 minutes.  And yup that’s three runs, a 20 min, 20 min and 10 minute run.  And if only running for such a small amount of time isn’t bad enough I can’t even enjoy it because I want to look at my watch practically every minute hoping it’s over soon as I don’t want to take that extra step and inflame the PF.

Ok so before I beat up on myself any more I’m psyched about the progression of my Plantar Freakinitits.  My frequency is up to running every other day, my time is up to 20 min and if all goes well 30 min this Sunday.  The pain is getting less and less as I run.  But I’m still a little stressed about the Philadelphia marathon.  8 weeks away from today.  Is it possible?  I guess so, but what condition will I be in then when this week I’ll be running for 90 min max?  Do I run it just for fun and finish healthy and ready to enter the offseason having a fantastic first half of the year and conquering PF the 2nd half?  On my Friday 20 minute run I had this realization how amazing it would feel to finish strong at Philly knowing how much I’ve struggled with this injury.  I could be the most rewarding marathon yet, no matter what time I finished in (ok it would need to be somewhat respectable I mean really now.)

But then again there’s Boston.  I submitted my application and still waiting to be confirmed and maybe I should just focus on rehabbing this PF fully and target my sights on Boston?

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