While I was on the Elliptical this morning a guy jumped on the treadmill in front of me and I read the following motivational message off his sweatshirt:

EVERYONE has the desire to win, but only CHAMPIONS have the desire to prepare.

Yeah I’m not sure about the desire to win part as I’m more than grateful to come in 100th place, but I have to say I not only desire to prepare, I love to prepare, maybe a little too much.  When I first took on the marathon I wanted to race every weekend.  I was new to the sport and the training was fun and all but the gratification of a race was crazy awesome.  Coach Jess quickly shut down all my racing in order to get my ass used to training I guess.  And after a couple of months I found such a peaceful flow to training.  Don’t get me wrong the intense track workouts, tempo runs and GMP mile LRs were practically killing me, but I wasn’t constantly thinking about an upcoming race.  Long runs became journeys not to prepare for a marathon, but a journey to explore my surroundings and my thoughts.

And then this year Coach Jess switches things on me and has me racing my butt off this summer, many of those races I felt unprepared as I wasn’t fully recovered from VCM or not used to shorter distances, etc.   And I found it a struggle to find the desire to win or in a middle of the packers case the desire to PR.

So this quote is sort of motivation and sort of confusing to me.  I’m definitely a preparer (aren’t all runners preparers really?) but for some reason that doesn’t necessarily fuel my desire to win.

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