Dear Elliptical Lady,

We don’t know each other but I know you probably hate me and I wanted to let you know it’s not my fault.  You see they are cleaning the pool at our gym, the one in Essex (literally 5 min from my house) and I recently came down with a mild case of Plantar FashIhatethis so I have to swim and wouldn’t you know the only way I can swim is drive 30 min to the Farrell Street pool.

And the thing is I can’t swim for that long, mostly 45 min to an hour.  It’s not that I don’t want to swim longer, this plantar thing is holding me back in everything I do and even swimming can stress it, plus given my usual zeal for overdoing things if it were up to me the first day of rehabbing the Plantar I’d swim for 3 hours straight, tweak my shoulder and be writing about two injuries, not one.

So since I can’t swim long, I have to do combo workouts like time on the elliptical machine, and that’s where we met last week.  I arrived at the Farrell street gym early and got on the one good elliptical machine, but didn’t sign up.  Ten minutes later you came in and seemed a little miffed I was on it and somewhat scolded me about the need to sign in for the equipment.  Now I’m all about following the rules and etiquette at the gym, but literally there was no one in the gym area, much less in the building so I thought I’d be ok.

Then this morning I met your friend, you know the one who uses the treadmill but signs you in for the only good elliptical before you arrive.  Luckily I arrived at 5am, a full 15 minutes before the gym opened (my mistake, and the time spent on the steps of the Farrell Street gym at 5am to 5:15am was precious let me tell you.)  Anyways your friend showed up just before they opened the doors and even though I was first in line to go in I offered for her to go in first, but she held the door and let me go in first.  So I headed right to the elliptical (SIGNED UP) and got going.  Your friend (who blew it by the way and ruined your day, not me!) made some sort of comment under her breath when she saw that I was on the elliptical, “your” elliptical.

And then when you arrived obviously pissed to see me and when your friend said she tried to sign you up but couldn’t (again next time you need to have her camp out the night before so she’s first in line at the door) it got me wondering would you have told me I had to get off the machine if I had not signed up again?  If I hadn’t signed in, but had clearly arrived there first and your friend signed you in would you have made a stink right there at 5:17am in the morning at the Farrell street gym?  I’m guessing you would have.

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