Beth Orton

Sugaring Season

I normally don’t run to music but when I do Beth Orton is in my mix and her songs have helped make runs memorable.  This week she released her first album in 6 years which I’m psyched about.  Here’s some of my favorite songs:

Thinking About Tomorrow – chorus: Soooo long and the title of the are apropos for a long run as the words capture the beauty of length we must endure and sometimes when the run is tough I’m definitely thinking about being somewhere other than present.

I Wish I Never Saw the Sunrise – A tribute to the many, many sunrises I’ve seen on runs.  The tone sets the right mood for pre-dawn running: soft, melancholy, perfect for complete loneliness.  Sometimes I wish I never saw the sunrise as it reminds me how short our time is on this planet, how we must take advantage of every single minute, catching as many sunrises as possible.  You will only be able to see a finite number of sunrises.

Pass in Time – I’ve been picked up by this song many times, I can almost remember the sections of road where I’ve gotten the lift.  “Come on now child, you’re here just a while.”  The sweet pain of the LR will definitely pass in time.

Sugar Boy – I’m the Sugar Boy, not only because I eat sugary gus and bloks on the run but also because I’m the only one on the road so I’m going to assume she’s talking to me.  “Sugar Boy what you trying to do”, and yup at points in the LR I don’t have a clue what I’m doing or why I’m out there.

Pedestal – “You cannot reap what cannot sow.”  Why do I gain such quiet confidence from this song?

Someone’s Daughter – I’m not someone’s daughter but I still can shout about it and laugh about it.  Lots of shouting and laughing on my LRs.

She Cries Your Name – Instrumental sections help maintain if not pick up the pace.  I swear out there someone is crying my name, not three times, but at least once!

Best Bit – The best bit is getting lost out there, but really how can a song about the Best not be helpful in keeping spirits up?

Central Reservation – “I can still smell you on my fingers and taste you on my breath” encapsulates the raw feeling exposing yourself to a LR when your body is full of sweat and sore from finger tip to toe.  Can you be any more in touch with yourself?  “This time it’s fine just as it is”  and “this time is whatever I want it to mean”  When you run early and set your day based on such an amazing experience the day will be whatever you want it to be, it already has.

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