Feeling Yucky Today

I’m feeling off today.  It started yesterday early morning when I had to go out for my weekend rehab bike ride.  I almost quit but just told myself to take it easy and before I knew it I was flying and had one of my fastest rides to date and a fun run afterwards.  And the adrenaline of the workout carried me through the day cleaning the house with Audrey and the Kids.  After dinner I passed out on the couch and even 9 hours of sleep didn’t help as I’m feeling yucky.

But no excuses as I’ve got a run tomorrow morning at 5:30 with my occasional running partner Jamie who is training for the Cape Cod marathon.  I haven’t worked out with someone in months, last time might have been May.  So psyched to chat n run and no matter how crappy I feel the time will fly.

I had a 30 min rehab run on Saturday followed by a 45 min rehab run on Sunday and they both went well PF wise which is very exciting.  My goal of being 100% PF healed by January 1st seems to be on schedule.  But then again I realize that next week will be the two month anniversary of the injury and it makes me wonder will this thing ever completely go away?

Another goal I’ve set for myself is to blog about every run to give the runs even more importance and luck to keep this rehab train a rollin.  So here’s some stuff about both my runs this weekend:

Sat 30 min run:  Open Mind

You’d think blogging about a routine 30 min run would be a challenge but not this one.  My PF was a little cranky going into this one so I wanted to run pancake flat which lead me down a road I’ve never run but have driven many times.  Along this road was an entrance to this trailer park which I’ve always driven by, but never entered because I figured it would be run down and should be avoided.  Well my route led me to the entrance and I could either run in this quiet trailer park or stay on the main road which was a little on the busy side.  So I went for it and headed into the trailer park.  And it was awesome.  The park was huge and each trailer was nicely spaced around a large parcel of land.  And most homes were decorated for Halloween which brought back memories of when I was a kid as my parents took us to this trailer park to trick or treat because it was near my Mom’s work as she had to work late on Halloween.  Anyways I was psyched I explored and conquered my fears and preconceived notions.

Sunday 45 min run: Jealous Run

My Sunday bike rides haven’t been all that much fun.  I’m only doing it to cross train and get that long run workout length.  But this Sunday for a brief moment I had fun on the bike.  I was coming down a hill into the small town of Jericho, VT and hit a corner just right then accelerated nicely and got a pretty cool racing/speed feeling for a moment.  I said to myself that was fun then quickly thought oh no will my run get jealous?  Will I not appreciate running as much and start longing for a ride instead.  But nope I had a fun run but biking is starting to grow on me.  It probably helps that for the first Sunday my ass didn’t hurt after 30 min on the bike.  How does that work?  What part of your ass actually hurts when biking and how does it not hurt after a while?  Does your body produce bike padding fat cells?


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