Ready to run

I had a realization this morning on my 45 min PF rehab run that I’m ready to get back running.

Even though I’ve not been able to run the last 6-8 weeks I’ve been busy ellipticalling, swimming, biking and working on my core.  Up until this morning’s realization this training has had one purpose: to keep me from flipping/freaking out at the fact that I’M NOT RUNNING.

Another tactic that’s helped me keep my head up was still thinking I was training for a marathon.  When the injury first hit in late August I moved my marathon from Hartford in Mid October to Philly in mid November thinking I’d be able to beat this PF thing and have at least 6 weeks of solid training for Philly.  So I signed up for Philly, paid the $125 even though there was no refund policy.

Philly now being less than 7 weeks away isn’t going to happen and I’m 100% ok with that.  Was that $125 a waste?  I don’t think so because I remember being so psyched for Philly and it helped me focus and stay on track.

Anyways I am ready to run, all the hard work (not really hard work because compared to the meaty marathon training I’d be doing if I was healthy it’s a breeze) had another purpose, my body is ready for these all important runs.  Will that mean I can ramp up my mileage faster, probably not, but I’m positive that in every other department of my body except my foot I’ll be ready.

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2 thoughts on “Ready to run

  1. Dash

    I’m in the same position, a foot injury means that I can’t run at the moment but other forms of exercise are ok so I’m thankfully able to cross train.
    I’m a bit disheartened by the fact that when I DO start running again it will be very short distances compared to what I was doing pre-injury but I like to think that all the rehab and strength and conditioning work I’ve been doing will ultimately make me a better runner.

    The physio I saw after the Brighton Marathon sells these tshirts for people in rest / rehab – I’m really tempted to buy one!

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Love the shirt! But really do we need it as isn’t it perfectly clear to all that we are suffering when on the elliptical, bike or whatever cross training we are doing. We’re not normally there are we and then all of a sudden we appear on this equipment for weeks if not months with a sort of detached, mopey expression on our faces like we are sort of present but our minds are out on the roads.

      Hope your foot heals quickly and keep kicking ass on the cross training!


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