What They Don’t Tell You

I imagine that being a coach is in some ways like being a new parent. Although you have a vague idea what it might be like because you’ve been coached and you’ve observed coaching, much like that first year of parenthood, you really have no idea what you’re doing. Like new parents, you have moments of joy, of being overwhelmed and of being convinced that you are actually the worst coach alive.

They also don’t tell you that when you coach, your team will become your life. You won’t sleep before big competitions, you’ll cry after them and the sense of loss at the end of every season can be crushing. I spent Saturday night after States sitting on my couch almost paralyzed by sadness that the season was wrapping up. Fingers crossed, I will be in medical school at this time next year, so it suddenly hit me that everything was a “last.”

So some “last” pictures from the State meet:

Lean on me, when you’re not strong…

Spirit matters as much as heart and muscle

What an amazing group of girls


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