The Blahs

I feel like this:

Exhausted Lion

And this:

Exhausted Squireel

For all the build up that goes into a focus race, I’m never prepared for the post-race depression that follows. The focus, sacrifice and time that I dedicate to my goal races structures so much of my life that when I’m between training cycles, I flounder. I’ve taken the past 4.7 weeks off as planned and find myself a listless, cranky and somehow exhausted creature. I’m still running, but lower volume and no intensity. The girl who raced Philly and had the fitness for an enormous PR seems like a fairy tale (and yes, I know you don’t lose fitness that quickly). I’m currently trying to gear myself up for an easy 10 mile run tonight and all I seem to want to do is curl up under my desk. It’s cold, it’s dark and what’s the point, I’m not training for anything right now anyway…

The good news is that on Saturday, one of my training partners comes home and I know I’ll get a huge boost from Dan’s presence. Saturday also marks the beginning of my holiday break from work and a great opportunity to jump start my VCM cycle, which conveniently starts on Sunday. I’m so looking forward to having a purpose for my runs again beyond “just do it.” Maybe then I’ll be more excited to don tights and head out in the dark hours of dawn.

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