(Treadmill) Running is Hazardous to Your Health

It’s that time of year where weather makes running outside seem unpalatable. Freezing temps, wind and slippery sidewalks can force the faint of heart inside. Inside is apparently no safer, however, as this link demonstrates. While I’ve logged my share of miles on the treadmill (including a 16 miler), I almost always opt for the outdoor option. As for treadmill fails, I’ve only had one significant one; I was running on a treadmill in my college gym when we had a power outage and flew backwards along with everyone else running on the treadmills at the time, a coordinated fail if you will. Too bad we didn’t have YouTube. My sister, however, had a treadmill fail that resulted in a large hole in my aunt’s living room wall.

Anyone have a good treadmill fail story to add?

2 thoughts on “(Treadmill) Running is Hazardous to Your Health

  1. Ryan

    A few years ago I was running on a treadmill at a gym on a Friday night. A girl was on the treadmill to my right and we were both running around a 7:30min/mile pace. I don’t know exactly what happened next, but I saw her go down hard. I hit the emergency stop button on her machine but by that time she had already been thrown off of the mill. She was okay, a few scrapes, a little blood, dented pride and pretty embarrassed. She got right back up on the treadmill and kept going, I told her that was impressive and that if I fell off a treadmill at 6pm on a Friday in a crowded gym I would take it as a sign I shouldn’t be running and that it is time for beer.
    About a month later at a holiday party for one of the schools my wife works at I was taking with a small group of 4 or 5 people and running came up. This girl I never met before (or so I thought) starts talking about how a month earlier she fell off a treadmill at the gym. Things suddely clicked, and being several beers in, I loudly blurted out something along the lines of “Oh my god, that was you?” and thoroughly embarassed her. She handled the embarassment in front of co-workers well and immediately recognized me as the guy who suggested she leave and go have a beer.


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