Midwinter Levity

Winter running sucks. I can say this officially because I’ve polled all of my training partners and everyone has concluded that they are tired of being partially sick, running in the cold and dark and of ever changing surfaces. Everyone’s peroneal nerves are cranky and we’ve all been plodding for weeks. And the wind. Don’t get me started on the wind. How is it that no matter how you turn on your run in Burlington, the wind is still in your face?

Thankfully, I’m heading south next week for the first of two warm weather training blocks and it couldn’t come at a better time. The chance to run in North Carolina for a week and the promise of shorts or at least knee-pris and no snow couldn’t come at a better time. I’m struggling with soreness, numbness and general ness, but I’m hoping that my 5 days in Chapel Hill will rejuvenate my running.

In the midst of grumpy running, my friend LT found this great post from Buzzfeed. #5 is my favorite. Any of these 25 resonate with my fellow runners?

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