Brain Freezer Pictures, Finally!

Remember when I ran that disgusting 5K last summer and found out just how fast I could run a 5K that included eating a pint of ice cream in the middle? Pictures are finally available! To make it even better, I am somehow the cover photo for the race Facebook page. It’s hard being famous…

Pint of Ice Cream

I was still under the impression that a spoon would be efficient…

Ice Cream Done

Epic action shot. It took me at least 30 seconds to swallow that last bit…

2 thoughts on “Brain Freezer Pictures, Finally!

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Jay, I don’t know anyone in Burlington but I have a friend in Chicago who went through this a couple of years ago. He was so frustrated with how they affected his performance. I’ll email him to see if he has any wise words; I don’t remember how he resolved it.


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