I’m Telling You, It’s Purple Wax!

Coaching is one of my favorite things in the world. You get to participate in a sport you love and influence athletes at a time when ability finally matches enthusiasm. I always feel that the absolute best part of coaching is believing in an athlete long enough that they begin to believe in themselves.

The other great part about coaching, however, are the other coaches with whom you work and compete against. I’m lucky to coach with three great guys whose knowledge of sport and of coaching principles push me daily to be a better coach. When you coach with someone, you know a lot about them. You know their stressors, you know how they take their coffee and you know what situations to let them handle and what situations they will walk away from for you to handle. In Nordic, Al, Barker and I spend a lot of time together by virtue of far away races, the training requirements of a sport with two disciplines and of course, wax science. That’s why the picture below made me laugh out loud. It’s from States on Tuesday, early morning as we were deciding on wax. I don’t know if we’re actually arguing about a decision or mocking ourselves, but it’s a perfect encapsulation of the season. While I’m happy to have the training time back, I already miss getting to spend 3 hours a day with these guys.

I'm telling you it's purple

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