Recently Read 3/13/13

I’m spending most of this week preparing both physically and mentally for DC. This includes a final tune up workout this afternoon (2 by 15 at tempo pace with a 3 minute break between tempo sections), careful eating (nothing new or exciting), a lot of sleep and distracting myself with articles about training, running and gear. I’ve also recently attached to Hells Bells as a power up song, so I’ve listened to that a few times a day since Sunday. I got a strange look this morning while waiting on the bus from a man surprised to see a tiny girl in pearls blaring AC/DC in her headphones but I don’t care, it makes me amped to race! It also makes me miss college football, but that’s another story.

I’ve also come across some interesting articles this week, linked below. I love the amount of science that is currently going into running and gear and I think runners of all levels will continue to reap the benefits of all this research.

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