Whelmed Wednesdays

There’s this great line in the classic movie Clueless where Ty ponders whether one can ever “just be whelmed” as opposed to overwhelmed or underwhelmed. It’s a concept I reflect upon regularly, not only because Clueless was an enormous part of my coming of age (I still want the rotating closet) but because I regularly find myself on the “whelmed” continuum. Sometimes I think I’m overwhelmed and just don’t want to admit it, but other times I think I really am somewhere west of underwhelmed but east of overwhelmed.

Anyone who runs high mileage can tell you that it’s not really the miles themselves that wear you down, but the gradual, grinding fatigue that results from week upon week of miles. Somehow, despite being exhausted, you don’t sleep as well, you’re hungry beyond that which you can eat and like “whelmness” sore is on a continuum between manageable and awful, but rarely zero. I normally drink a cup or two of coffee daily but now find myself double fisting coffee mugs every morning and falling into bed by 9 pm, not to mention going through more Poptarts than your average elementary school. Hopefully all of this will be worth it in May!

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