It’s hard to get back to normal after a week like last week. By the time we’d stopped shaking from Monday, it was 5:30 am on Friday morning when my mom called, crying about “Suzy, bomb, Watertown.” As I woke up and started to process, we realized that what we were hoping was a one time nightmare was back again. For 18 hours, I talked to my sister while she was on lockdown less than a mile from where one of the suspects would eventually be found. On Friday night, when it was finally over, I went for a run in the pouring rain and felt like I was full of electricity. People were staring at me like I was crazy, but it was the only thing I knew to do.

Saturday and Sunday were beautiful here. On Saturday, I volunteered at Rollin Irish Half Marathon and watched one of the Olde Bones Myke run his qualifier for Pikes Peak. Saturday afternoon, my mom and I did heavy duty wedding tasks. Saturday evening, Will, Watson and I headed out for a great run and Will set a new PR for running time on his new ankle! Sunday was great too. Will and I headed out for a huge long run for me and our goal was to nail down my nutrition. We took notes on everything and carefully planned it out and IT WAS PERFECT. I felt great for the entire run and was bouncing off the walls, even at the three hour mark. I had no post-run stomach and even took the dog for an hour hike when I got home.

It’s hard to get back to normal. I feel guilty for forgetting, even momentarily, what the people of Boston are still going through, what the victims of the bombings are feeling this week. Their normal has been shifted and it feels weird to be in Burlington and mostly back to business as usual. I am far more jumpy than normal and sirens are suddenly causing a pit in my stomach, unfortunate as I work next to the hospital, but our day to day is fairly benign again. One of the working definitions of terrorism is that it’s an act intended to rob people of normal, to create fear in situations where fear is not normally present. In that light, I guess it’s good that our house is back to sleep-walk dog-work-workout-shower-sleep-walk dog.

Running is helping me find normal. What are you doing to find normal again after Boston?

Myke literally flying at the end of Rollin Irish

Myke literally flying at the end of Rollin Irish

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