Not surprisingly, the mass produced version of Gatorade is a more sugary, less effective version of the original Gatorade. It has sucrose in it, which is glucose and fructose smashed together, a bunch of dye and a sickly sweet flavor that has to be mixed properly to actually confer a benefit. The body has to split sucrose before it can use it, which puts a lot of stress on the gut while running. It’s no wonder that it makes many runners suffer GI distress upon consumption. One of the benefits of living with and being coached by someone who studies running and having an Registered Dietitian as a mother, however, is that with their powers combined, I get dialed in nutrition and hydration.

Recently, we’ve been working on the exact amount of homemade sports drink that I need to get through the marathon well-hydrated without an upset stomach or having to pee. Our fridge looks like a science experiment but the resultant drink is one of the most delicious, thirst quenching things I’ve ever had and I’m so excited to have a drink that I look forward to during a long run. The recipe and ingredients are basic: water, glucose and oranges.

Mad Scientist

Take One Mad Scientist

Some glucose...

Some glucose…

Add water

Add water

And squeeze oranges for electrolytes.

And squeeze oranges for electrolytes.

Then it festers in the fridge overnight and is ready for my workout by the morning!

2 thoughts on “Sarah-Ade

  1. Ryan

    I never thought about “modern” readily available Gatorade being less effective than the original recipe. Now I am curious if there is a “professional grade” Gatorade used by pro sports teams. The more I run I’ve come to find I can only use Gatorade in the early parts of a long run or race. After mile 6 or 7 it seems too thick and stops satisfying my thirst, not exactly sure how to explain it, but I sort of feel more thirsty after drinking it. I still like it before a run and will drink it early on for the calories, but there is a clearly identifiable point where I need to switch to water and use gels or whatever for calories.

    1. runnerunderpressure

      I don’t know if Pro Teams use a different recipe, but the commercially available stuff is a far cry from the original recipe (which earned its accolades). The use of sucrose is probably to satisfy the average person’s taste buds but after a few weeks with the real version, I actually prefer just the glucose BECAUSE it’s less sweet. My stomach and legs prefer it too.


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