I always hit Friday with a mix of emotions. I’m excited for the weekend and time with Will, the dog and without work and all those stressors, but it also means that my long run workout is upon me. I don’t remember the last time I did “just” a long run; this cycle, my long runs have all been workouts. Two weekends ago, I did 2 by 15 minutes at tempo in the middle of a 16 miler. Last weekend, I did a warmup, 4 miles at tempo, an hour of running, 3 more miles at tempo and a cooldown for a total of 20 miles. Tomorrow, however, I have a workout that’s been making me anxious all week: 20 miles with 13 miles at marathon pace (6:31). Gulp. I’m heading up to the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail to get off the marathon course and onto some soft surface.

The goal for tomorrow is to get comfortable at marathon pace, practice with my homemade Gatorade and finish attempt 1 of 2 at my major workout for the cycle. The next time I repeat this workout will be 3 weeks before the race.

What are your weekend plans? Where are you going for your long run? Any other cool running spots around that I should check out?

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