Will left me a flash drive on the kitchen counter that has the rest of my training cycle on it. We talked about goals for VCM on my run last night. I am a monster. Must be approaching taper time. Unlike a lot of my friends, I’m not doing the three week taper thing. It left me too flat last year and the science doesn’t really support 21 days as the be all, end all of taper. On the one hand, I’m jealous of friends who are starting to cut mileage. On the other hand, putting off taper madness for another week or so isn’t the worst thing. I already yelled at Will for no good reason, (well, it seemed like a good reason, he changed my workout), I can’t sleep and I’m starving. Yes, let’s keep mileage at 70 miles a week for as long as possible.

During my taper for Philly, I went fleece crazy and literally purchased 5 new fleece pullovers. I can’t explain why, I don’t even like fleece. Two of them still have tags on. Wonder what this taper obsession will be…

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