Idle Hands (and Feet)

While taper can be a nice time because it lets sore muscles heal and the body rest, it’s a hard transition to go from 70 mile weeks plus all the extras of core, stretching and lifting because suddenly you have nothing but time to think about your upcoming race. Working all week can help, but you still find yourself obsessed with the task ahead. One of my coping mechanisms is to watch old race videos. I watch 1500 meter recaps to remind myself what it looks like to change gears. I watch marathon recaps to see the amazing women who forged on before me and to remind myself that patience is a virtue in the marathon. It’s rare that anything good comes from trying to do too much too soon and given my experience last year, I know that the hard part doesn’t start until well north of Battery.

Here are some of the clips getting me through this week:

The Original (Joanie at the 1984 Olympics)

Deena’s Bronze

Katie Mackey and Mary Cain’s Crazy Oxy Run

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