Shhhh I’m Resting

I haven’t run yet. And I haven’t finished my hissy fit yet, either. Work was busy enough this week that I didn’t really have time to dwell on VCM 2013, but I still have a sour sense of disappointment and frustration that we got the weather we got and I missed a chance for a better performance. More of the frustration comes from realizing that I didn’t execute a particularly strategic race and mentally gave up when I felt as fine as one is going to feel in the marathon.

Regardless, we move on. I’ve turned back into a bit of a gym rat this week, as I’m taking a little time away from pounding on my legs. Monday and Tuesday, I hobbled including a comical walk home from work. I thought I was ready to tackle the big downhill between my office and my house but I was wrong. Picture a woman in dress clothes and loafers walking down a steep hill with completely straight knees. I had a few moments where I was sure I was going to fall. On Wednesday, I peddled a recumbent bike, lifted arms and found out that my new capris are 100% see-through. My sincere apologies to everyone lifting with me. Yesterday I tested out my “run readiness” on the elliptical. Not ready. After 25 minutes, my legs felt like jello and things were starting to hurt. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, Will, Seth and I spent a number of hours last night gearing up to apply for elite status for Olde Bones.  USATF designed this program “to support USATF’s efforts to develop nationally and internationally competitive athletes by increasing and enhancing the number of year-round training environments available to post-scholastic and post-collegiate U.S. athletes.” We plan to apply for this status in January and our meeting was to clearly delineate steps towards that application. Much more will be out soon on the Olde Bones site, but we made some new team “web stuff,” so if you’re interested in runners other than me (and some really, really talented runners…):


Twitter: @OldeBonesTC


Furthermore, if you’re interested in potentially joining the Olde Bones, you can email us at A optimal fit for us would be a post-collegiate athlete interested in continuing competition who has performed at at least a 70% age-graded level in the past year.



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