Thanks, Coach

I made a big coaching shift this summer. While Will and I have always been good at compartmentalizing our various relationships, deciding to add coach-athlete to that list was a risky endeavor. It’s hard to date someone you coach. It’s hard to date your coach. And then there’s that whole “marrying your coach” element that we decided to add in January. Still, I am of the opinion that he’s one of the best young coaches around and I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity. For the most part, we do a good job of managing this set of roles. Beyond the hours of work Will puts into my training schedule are the hours of massage and stretching and sports psychology that comes from having an athlete in your care. Training me for VCM has taken over our lives and we’re hoping the past nine months are worth the sacrifices, spats and sore muscles.

So thanks for all of it, Coach. Sorry about being your live-in taper horror.

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