Like many things, changes like weight loss or mileage don’t necessarily stand out to the people who are there day to day. In my taper boredom, I was reading back through my blog and found a post on my running totals from 2010 and 2011. I had surgery in early 2010, and my average monthly mileage was about 104 miles a month. In 2011, my average monthly mileage was about 165 miles a month. While I’m missing the first half of my 2012 because I changed running logs (and apparently Runners’ World gave my old blog to someone else…weird), my average monthly mileage in 2012 from August to December was 225. That average has ticked up to 232 miles a month since January. Whoa.

And that doesn’t equalize for the down months of December or January, or the fact that February is shorter or that I’M AN IDIOT and didn’t prorate my off days until oh, January of 2013. That’s a story for another day, but when Will realized that, he nearly killed me.

Second Half 2012 Mileage

I’m so looking forward to some more down time in July but excited to keep building my mileage and reaping the benefits of consistent high mileage.

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