Big News (for me)

I’ve had a pretty darn good set of years recently including getting into medical school and getting engaged to a really great human, plus some serious PRs along the way. Besides these milestones, one of my greatest joys over the past two years has been coaching at MMU. As I’ve been planning a wedding and getting ready for medical school, the only thing clicking around my mind for regret was not returning to MMU to coach another year. I am rarely happier than when I’m standing at the end of a cross country race waiting for my girls to finish or laughing til I cry at some story they rush over to tell. One of the big pieces of advice that everyone gives incoming med students is to hang on to something that you love so that you can remain human despite the studying and exam pressure. After careful review of my fall schedule, a little soul searching and the willingness of my almost-husband to volunteer to make dinner and walk the dog every night, I committed to return to MMU for another year of coaching. Squeeeee!

We had our informational meeting last night and in addition to lots of returning faces, I was thrilled to see almost a dozen freshman girls coming out. It’s going to be a great year!

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