A Fly By

I may not be blogging but I’ve definitely been busy! The firehose of information that we were promised at the beginning of medical school has reached full blast and there are days when I wish I had a life jacket. That being said, the team is great, school is okay and running is, well, happening.

Somehow, it’s a month to the State Meet. As always, the team is a high point in my day. On Friday, we have Homecoming and I’m so excited to show off our float. We’ve put lots of thought in this year and even did float building after a Sunday hill run, so I have high hopes! We travel to Manchester this weekend for one of the biggest invitationals we see (and a visit to my personal favorite course).

I completed a race last weekend as well. Christine convinced me that I wouldn’t die, so on Sunday morning I lined up at the Downtown 10K. The idea of racing lasted 50 yards. It turns out that although I’m very fit (neither my lungs nor legs hurt), I just couldn’t turn anything over. The good news is that I seem to have developed some knee drive. At the expense of my T-rex arms.

Downtown 10k

Photo by Jan Leja

Finally, my friend Katie started a new blog and it’s amazing! She’s a multi-talented woman that I’m lucky to know. Seriously. She’s in Mexico on a fellowship this year AND writing a beautiful, simple food blog. Check it out at 24carrotlife.com.

It’s that beautiful time of year to be a runner and I’m grateful for every mile I get outside of the library.

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