The Next 18 Months

I’ve been on a lovely blogging and heavy training hiatus since VCM. I’ve been running of course, but with little purpose or specificity and most of my plotting has been for my other major running focus, coaching high school cross country. They had their first meet yesterday and looked amazing even on exhausted legs from a week of tough running. As always happens, however, coaching meets makes me itch to race again. Even before the Relays yesterday, I’d been hankering for more purpose in my running but thwarted by trying to pick my next big move.

The general plan for the next cycle is to target the 2014 Chicago Marathon as my next full, with the outside hope of acquiring my Trials Standard there. There is excellent female competition, it’s a fast course and the timing is such that I could do a later marathon if something like another heat wave were to happen. In the next year, I’ll target a spring half (probably New Bedford) to see if that’s the more attainable way to get the standard and check my fitness before the summer starts. I’ll throw some other races in there as well to keep sharpening my skills.

I’m so excited to sit down with Will this afternoon to map all of this out and figure out all the small pieces that I need to get in order (getting my ferritin back up, hip mobility). It’s nice to have purpose again!


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