Boston Marathon 2014

No, I’m not running. I’m hoping I’ll be running by the time Boston rolls around, but I know I’ll be grateful for 2.62 miles in April. As a runner, however, it’s hard to avoid the Boston Marathon buzz at this time of year. On Sunday, I worked on a friend’s training plan for Boston. She ran an absurd number of half marathons this year and it will be her first Boston. I’m so excited to be involved in her training and to cheer for her in April.

They also announced the elite fields today and boast some very strong American runners. I’m personally most excited to see Desi and Serena Burla run. Desi was second the year that I ran Boston, an incredibly high finish for any American woman. She’s also been on the comeback trail and has been humble and patient about that process. Serena Burla is just an incredible story. She had cancer of the thigh and a major surgery that most thought would prevent her from running again, let alone storming forward with top marathon times.

One of my “bucket list” goals is to be an invited female athlete at the Boston Marathon, not on the level of Desi or Serena of course, but one of the 50 or so other women who get to toe the line ahead of the elite men to race from Hopkinton to Boston. Here’s hoping (and working my ass off in 2014).

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