Hello New Foot!

Warning, slightly icky picture below of my Frankenfoot.

I got my split off today and got to see my foot for the first time, which was pretty darn exciting. What is even more exciting, however, is that I’m cleared for moderate activity meaning that I can pedal a bike gently and aquajog as well as lift with both legs, as long as I’m not moving any sleds. I’m also tasked with weaning off my crutches over the next four weeks and even took my first tentative crutch free steps tonight.

All in all, I haven’t run in 15 days which seems like forever but isn’t too bad from a physiological perspective. For someone who isn’t post surgery, you have about two weeks before fitness starts to drop off precipitously. I won’t be as lucky because I was immobilized, but I shouldn’t be horribly out of shape either. My hope for the next few weeks is to alternate between biking and aquajogging, about 30 minutes at a time, plus lifting and lots of gentle stretching. I did 30 minutes on the bike tonight and besides a very tired left glute, things really felt pretty good. I’m cautiously hopeful!

Dr. Charlson was happy with how the incision looked and filled me in on the surgery again (since I don’t remember our first post-surgery conversation). He was happy with how things went but surprised both with how tight things were and how high up he had to go on my ankle to get things to let go. With my first surgery, Dr. Slauterback had a similar reaction. Evidently I excel at building scar tissue! Beyond the joke, it’s something to remember as I start training again: I really need to keep up with soft tissue mobilization.

Picture below, and more updates to come as I tackle the pool.

Foot First Day

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