It’s hard to stay motivated in the winter, let alone a winter where I can’t run if I want to. Sure, I doubled in the pool on Wednesday and even jogged a few steps in the shallow end, but I’m far from in peak form. I even had to turn down an opportunity to pace at the Vermont City Marathon this week. I don’t know if I’ll be ready to pace a 3:15 in May and even if I am, I need to be careful about how much “quality junk” goes on legs I’m asking a lot of over the next year.

I badgered Will in the pool (it was his fault I had to double aquajog) about whether he thought the OTQ was insane. As the eternal pragmatist in our marriage, I expected him to tell me it was. Instead, he told me it seemed like the next logical step. I was both relieved and terrified to hear this. VCM was an epic disaster for me last year. I was ready to run a 2:50 with four weeks to go and then ended up with a sliding slope of injuries and pain associated with my foot and an atrocious weather day. With a new foot, a renewed dedication to lifting and functional strength and dialed nutrition, however, maybe it isn’t as insane a goal as it feels right now when a flight of stairs is a challenge.

So here’s how I get motivated to aquajog or bike: I want my name on this list for 2016, among other bucket list goals for my running career before I start formulating master’s goals.

The path between here and LA is a long one, but I’m excited to have something to pin in front of me, to drag me out of bed every morning and get me back to the gym for doubles.

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