Olympic Trials 2016!

For most people, the announcement of the location and date of the Olympic Trials 2016 is just not that exciting. For me, however, it provides a tangible goal for the next two years of training. There has been some mild controversy over the selection of the site (it turns out you should use a transparent rubric for such things) and even the date wasn’t known. The date is relevant because athletes must get their standard at least 30 days before the Trials. Of course, it would be hard to do a marathon that close to the Trials, but at least it’s an option. As of this afternoon, the Trials will be in Los Angeles on February 13th, 2016.

745 days to go!

5 thoughts on “Olympic Trials 2016!

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Still transitioning out of my walking boot post-surgery and not cleared to run, but I’m looking at Stowe 8 miler and the Labor Day 15k for test runs. It will all depend on how fast I can get back to strength and mobility in my ankle joint.


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