Week of Workouts

Nothing suggests a return to normal like a week of workouts planned out. And nothing calms me like knowing what’s ahead. My second day at the gym went really well and even included some intervals and I’m tolerating walking in my boot, so it’s time to work on slowly rebuilding fitness, stability and strength.

Today: Nothing. It’s our annual MMU Nordic Pursuit and I’ll be on my feet all afternoon walking around the ski course. Staying upright and getting through the day will be a success.

Saturday: 45 minute upright bike (as opposed to the recumbent) and Arms.

Sunday: 45 minute bike and legs.

Monday: 30 minute aquajog (and prayers that I don’t drown trying to get in and out of the pool)

Tuesday: Rest Day/Exam Day

Wednesday: 30 minute bike and arms.

Thursday: 40 minute aquajog

It’s no 70 mile week, but it’s a nice start! Have a great weekend.

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