Cleared for Takeoff!

I had my 6 week followup with Dr. Charlson yesterday and was psyched to walk in there boot free. Apparently he assumed I’d be back to running because his first question was “How’s running going?” I sputtered out that I didn’t know I COULD run. Regardless, I’m thrilled that I am now cleared for all activity as tolerated as long I build up carefully. Although I wanted to go for a run immediately, my exam and coaching schedule means that 24 hours later, I still haven’t taken those first steps. I did ski yesterday and was humbled by a hill and look forward to skiing around today at our race. I’ll finally get out for my first run tomorrow. The plan is 30 minutes of total movement, alternating 4 minutes of walking with a minute of running. I’ll keep playing with this ratio until I’m able to run 5 minutes at a time with a minute break in between, then start building continuous runs.

Now starts the really hard work!

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