That Awkward Moment When…

I’ve had my share of awkward gym moments over the years. Most recently, I’ve work see-through capris (unbeknown to me), fallen trying to get up off the exercise ball (my boot is a decent excuse) and today, realized that I didn’t quite manage to get my sports bra on correctly. 45 minutes into my workout in a white tank top.

As my friend John would say what had happened was I hardly ever wear this sports bra because it’s not good for running. It was a gift from a friend who competes in fitness competitions but definitely more for her sport than mine. Nevertheless, it’s fine for the elliptical and lifting and it was on the top of the pile this morning. It has double straps on the shoulder, definitely more pretty than functional and somehow I didn’t manage to get both double straps on my right side over my shoulder. I also managed to not notice this through my time on the elliptical or the first few exercises. As I started overhead press, however, I realized something was very wrong. A black strap was cutting across my armpit, under my shoulder. Not my best moment. I finished my workout quickly then walked with my arms at my side to get to my coat.

What awkward wardrobe malfunctions have you suffered while running? Do you fix them or just keep going?

One thought on “That Awkward Moment When…

  1. Laurel

    haha, that’s great! Probably one of the worst wardrobe malfunctions was when I forgot to take off my normal bra. You probably know – in the locker room it’s easier to slide your sports bra over the normal one and then take the one underneath off. Well, I just forgot the second step. So I ran around for half of practice without realizing this until I started to chafe. oops! At least no one could tell.


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