Friday Funnies

Here’s a small collection of the things that have cracked me up or annoyed me this week. What have you all read from the world of running this week?

Hysterical, spot on Buzzfeed article on post-college athletics. What, I have to workout alone?

One of my pet peeves. Do you run at stoplights? I’m more of a sit down kind of girl. But seriously, stop it. Your body doesn’t care.

And in the most annoying story of the week. First, some girl at the NYC half ran the whole thing taking selfies…of other people, so I think she did it wrong, but regardless, I tweeted at that time that it was obnoxious. It’s fine to run your own race, but don’t mock other runners and obstruct the course. I got over it. Then this girl decided to mimic her and one-up her and bandit a race while taking selfies and writing extremely insulting captions. The backlash was strong and instead of being classy and apologizing, she goes on to say “thanks for the pageviews!” Mark Remy at Runner’s World had a great response.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to watching the Carlsbad 5000 with a Grunewald/Hasay/Van Alstine/Martinez showdown and World Half Champs with my new girl crush, Lauren Kleppin. I think she’s a lock for Rio 2016, just in case anyone was wondering.

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