Week in Review 3.17 to 3.23

Monday: 6.2 Miles with Kath

Tuesday: 5.2 Miles with Will and legs in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Off Day

Thursday: 6.75 Miles with Kath

Friday: Progression Run! Well, sort of. Worked my way up throughout the workout. Frustrating/humbling to not even hit marathon pace and be tired…Arms afterward with some new exercises.

Saturday: 8 Miles. Wanted to do 10 to 12, but with the ice and jumping, my legs just didn’t feel good.

Sunday: Off, just a walk with the dogs. Can’t get ahead of myself and no reason to hit 40 so soon. Working on the whole patience thing.

Total: 34 Miles

Reflection: I ran a lot this week (all this being relative post-surgery), so that’s a huge positive. I managed to get my two lifting sessions in as well. I didn’t improve on getting core in and did zero extra cross training, so those are two areas to try and focus on during the coming week. Our schedule felt insane this week and I just never made it to the pool. Aiming for 40 miles this coming week and at least a few pool sessions with JoJo.

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