Week in Review: 3.24 to 3.30

Monday Afternoon: 6.1 miles

Monday Evening: 1 hour aquajog

Tuesday: 3.5 miles easy with strides

Wednesday: 8 mile threshold effort. Went with JoJo on her first tempo, but was happy to find that a faster pace (7:15s) felt good. Encouraging.

Thursday AM: 1 hour aquajog and legs. Added in single leg squats. Still sore typing this.

Thursday PM: 5.4 mile plod. Ready for an off day.

Friday: Off

Saturday: 13.5 miles, easy. In the new shoes. Here’s hoping I’m Cinderella.

Sunday: 3 miles easy and arms.

Total Mileage: 39 miles

Good week. Struggled with shoes and more on that later. Still not getting enough core in but a little better this week. Appetite was really off; no interest in eating Thursday, Friday or Saturday which is not like me. Happy to start getting in something other than a plod, so it’s time to step it up again. Adding in drills this week and yoga on Wednesday to see if I can get my hips to loosen up.


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