Will Joins the Club

I first met Will in Chem Lab. He’s good looking, but the real reason I talked to him was because he was on crutches and had a scar that looked remarkably similar to mine, a few months old at that point. Once I found out he was a runner, Hot Runner Boy was born. My sister thought I was nuts when I texted her that night that I’d met the guy I was going to marry. I wasn’t wrong. It took me a while to get Will on board, but I think he’s pretty psyched I’m as committed to being right as I am.

Despite being a runner, Will hadn’t run in almost three years due to an ankle that just kept having major anatomical issues. From a tarsal tunnel release to an extra tendon removal and finally a total reconstruction, it was a LONG road to get back to running, let alone racing. Throughout all of this, he supported everyone else in his life who was just running along, including me. Finally, he joined us again in the spring and things have gone well enough that he’s picked his debut marathon. I’m so excited to see what he does at Toronto in October of 2014!

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