Good Eats: 4.28.14

Two wins and a fail. That sums up this week in “new recipes to fuel hungry runners.” They all happen to be vegetarian, so apologies to my meat eaters. I’ll try to test some carnivore delights over the next week.

Let’s start with the fail. I pinned this “oatmeal pancake” a while ago. The ingredients are great; good carbs, some protein and in pancake form which means maple syrup! Since I had a 15 miler on deck Sunday morning, I thought it would be a perfect time to try it out. With high hopes, I set out to make the recipe. As I was mixing it together, I had a fleeting thought of “this consistency doesn’t really seem right to cook” but figured that physics wasn’t one of my stronger classes, so I let it go. I should have followed my gut. First it turned into a weird glob of oats and egg. To salvage it, I attempted to scramble and cook it, thinking it might be a weird rendition of french toast with oats. It wasn’t salvageable. One bite and it went in the garbage and I made my regular old egg sandwich.

Digusting Oat Pancake, on it's way to failure.

Disgusting Oat Pancake, on it’s way to failure.

Now onto the delicious…

I’ve made this Quinoa Black Bean Casserole before. It’s the perfect after work meal and has a lot to offer in terms of carbs and protein. If you are at a point in training where you need more protein, throw some chicken in. If you need more carbs, wrap this all up in a burrito.

I have a friend with a brand new baby (ok, I have lots of friends with new babies, but this one is the newest, some 2 weeks old) so I’ve been trying to make freezer dinners for Libby and her husband for nights when they just need to not think about dinner. I made her gumbo, pizza dough, spaghetti sauce and now this Creamy Spinach Lasagna. Of course, Will and I got to enjoy some too. It was perfect after a 15 miler in freezing cold conditions. I added mushrooms to the spinach mixture because we had some from our CSA, but it will accommodate almost any vegetable that you have in the house. Again, you could add sausage if you are a must-have-meat person. As a general life rule, I refuse to cook lasagna noodles and continued that with this recipe. It turned out fine with the milk mixture adding plenty of liquid.

Melted cheese makes everything better.

Melted cheese makes everything better.

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