Recently Read: 4.18.14

It’s been virtually impossible to avoid conversations about the Boston Marathon this week with the anniversary of the bombings passing and the race ahead on Monday. We were on vacation on the anniversary but I couldn’t get away from coverage entirely. It’s not that I don’t want to remember or honor those injured and killed, but reliving it is not the way in which I process things. Until my schedule made the decision for me, I wasn’t even sure I would return to Boston to cheer this year. It turns out that I have a lab at 1 pm so will be watching the race remotely. The text that made me realize what Boston and life after Boston is all about, however, came from Meredith and said “Been thinking about you all day. I love you!”

As such, much of what I read this week was about Boston. There’s a great Buzzfeed article featuring some of the survivors, two amazing videos and songs and a blog post by Kara Goucher on her three Bostons.

And then there was this week’s move by the emerging evil empire of Nike/USATF. Others have written way more in depth and first hand experiences about why a 23 contract between USATF and Nike might not be the best for our sport. I know I’ve referenced Oiselle a lot recently and although I don’t have any real affiliation with that brand, I do appreciate articulate women standing up for the sport and for some logic and transparency. Why is Oiselle often the group speaking out? Watch this video on some uniform ridiculousness and you might start to appreciate how Nike and USATF exclusivity hinders other brands and athletes.

M and I, Boston 2013 just past 23

M and I, Boston 2013 just past 23

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