Week in Review 3.31.14 to 4.6.14

I’m in DC this week for a conference, so late getting this out. The best part of getting a little farther south is that I got to run in shorts and a tee shirt both days and enjoyed the sun. It’s rainy here today but looks beautiful for tomorrow, so I’ll head out for as long as I can before I fly home.

Monday: 8 mile run. New shoes starting to feel better. Still clunky first mile but starting to feel smoother.

Tuesday: 6.2 mile run.

Wednesday: Off day.

Thursday: Little interval workout with Joey. 4 by 800 at ~3:10 to 3:20 pace. Felt good. Nice day out! Total run of 7.2 miles.

Friday: 5.1 mile recovery plod. First day post surgery where I’ve really felt awful. Did an abbreviated full body lift.

Saturday: 10.5 mile run around DC. Easy pace. Still feeling punky. Core at night.

Sunday: 5 mile run on the Georgetown Towpath. Feel GREAT! Hard to convince myself to not do a second run.

Reflection: 41.9 miles for week. Glad to be getting used to what 40 miles per week feels like. I’ll be moving up to 45 miles this week. Somehow it felt like a busy week and I didn’t do a great job on the extras. This week will be similarly busy, but hopeful I can at least do some at home workouts to supplement. Excited to start doing more structured workouts.

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