Week in Review: 4.14.14 to 4.20.14

Vacation is over. Le sigh. In a normal week, it takes forever for Friday to come. In vacation week, however, it was hear before I knew it. I accomplished 25% of what I meant to over break, failed to study for Wednesday’s test and now have a “normal” Sunday of frantically trying to get ready for the week. I did manage to get a massage this week and lots of good running.

Monday: Lifted (back and chest) at the gym then ran home. First few steps were awful and wasn’t sure the run was going to happen but things warmed up. 80 degrees out! Starting the shorts tan early…

Tuesday: Off day, prorated at 6.3 miles. Lifted arms.

Wednesday AM: 20 minute elliptical and legs.

Wednesday PM: 6.5 miles plus strides.

Thursday: 6 mile farlek. Intended to do 3 by 5 minutes at tempo effort but because the Intervale flooded, it ended up being more hodgepodge. Did sections at tempo and 4 all out hill repeats up my favorite hill. Massage in the afternoon.

Friday: 7.2 miles. Recovery run with heart rate monitor on, keeping it below 135.

Saturday: 7.66 miles. Previewed the Champlain Classic course with Will. It somehow doesn’t look as bad at bro pace…

Sunday: 12 miles. Long run with Kath, another beautiful day.

Total: 52.6 miles

Reflection: I’m starting to be more comfortable at this mileage and not waking up as sore, which is encouraging. Although my workout this week didn’t go as well (in part because I hadn’t thought it out), I was surprised to find that my interval and tempo efforts were yielding paces close to where I was before surgery. I certainly can’t do 16 mile steady state runs at that pace right now but it seems like I didn’t lose as much as thought.

For this coming week, the goal is to get two days of lifting in, two days of aquajogging extra, one workout and a PT session in. With school starting again and a new class, the goal is maintenance, not building. Mileage will stay right around 50. 2 weeks til the Classic!!

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