Week in Review 4.21.14 to 4.27.14

The first week after vacation is always rough but it’s made better by the week starting with the Boston Marathon. This was actually one of my best weeks of running post-surgery. I’ve been working on stretching A LOT and my hips and pelvis feel much better, although much of that is due to Dr. Kevin. I’m looking forward to my rapid exponential taper, however, which starts tomorrow. I don’t have a lot of fitness to spare for next Saturday, so I’ll need legs as fresh as possible. I also haven’t taken a cut back week since I started running, so it’s overdue.

Monday: Off Day, sick. Prorated 7.

Tuesday: 8.28 miles normal pace but felt AWFUL.

Wednesday: 5.2 miles with strides after. Still felt horrible and achy.

Thursday: 8.22 mile up-effort with Joey. Warmed up then 4 by 1 mile at 7:20 (her tempo pace) with 90 seconds in between. Felt nice to run a more normal pace. Hard to stay on her effort and not drag us towards mine.

Friday: 5.75 mile recovery run with Watson in the Intervale. Felt so good. Arms at the gym in the afternoon. Planned to aquajog with Will but the pool was packed.

Saturday: 6.1 mile run with the Girls!!!! Weather was atrocious but it didn’t matter because the gang was back together post surgery/babies and Boston.

300 Core Routine after.

Sunday: 15 miles easy with Joey. It’s her last 20 miler and I wanted to get something a little longer in case this bib for VCM comes through.

Total Miles: 55.5 miles.

That mileage total is almost respectable!! This coming week will be a down week, as will the few days after the Classic, but then I’ll be aiming for a new mileage point of 60 miles through the beginning of summer race season. I did a really good job on nutrition this week. More on this in a later post, but I recently realized that I wasn’t doing a good job of fueling my body and refocused on that in the last week. I didn’t so as great a job on lifting. It’s hard to fit it in with this new class, but I need to find a way to continue with it. Still need to add drills into pre-workouts and some more structured workouts, but it can wait until after the Classic.

One of my favorite ab routines, courtesy of Pinterest.

One of my favorite ab routines, courtesy of Pinterest.

Raynaud’s express on Saturday. Come on Spring!

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