Week in Review 4.7.14 to 4.13.14

Whew, this week was a blur!! Started in DC for a conference, arrive back in Vermont after midnight on Tuesday and final course exam on Friday. It was one of those weeks where whatever running you got in, you were grateful for.

Monday: Off Day, prorated 6.

Tuesday: Surprisingly great run. Moved my meetings to the morning and set out on a run around the National Mall. I ran for a little over an hour but was tired when I got back, which made sense once I realized I’d done 9 miles. Cruising at 7:26 pace, my old training pace.

Wednesday: 6 miles, feeling blah after sitting all day.

Thursday: Exam week crunched 3 miler. Foot felt awful.

Friday: Ahhhhh FREEDOM. 7 miles after the exam in shorts and 60 degree temps.

Saturday: My first run on the bike path this spring! Ran to Sam and Troy’s for dinner, nice recovery 6 miler.

Sunday: 12 on the bikepath with Ms. Katherine.

Total Miles: 49 miles.

The good news it, I’m adapting to the 45 to 50 range. Bad news is, I did nothing extra this week due to time constraints. Looking forward to getting back on a good lifting schedule and into the pool a few days this week as we’re on Spring Break and have nothing to do but work out!!

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