Why I Think Ryan Hall is FOS and Other News of the Week

Boston in Review

What a Boston! Meb became a household name and the women’s course record at Boston was broken by not one, but two women. Shalane Flanagan got a new American record as well. Both Meb and Shalane used brave, but risky tactics. Although Shalane didn’t win (and I don’t think it was ever a likely outcome), her attempt to challenge the Africans was impressive although probably an incredibly painful way to run a PR. I was most impressed with Desi Linden, who quietly executed nearly perfect splits throughout the race and ended up only a minute or so behind Flanagan.

As always, the spectators at Boston were fantastic, even in a higher security year. Here are some great signs seen en route, my favorites being #4 and #28. In not surprising, but annoying news, apparently four questionable people stole the image of one runner’s bib from Instagram and printed their own copies, only to be busted when photos came out. One of the bandits is a job hopeful graduating from BC this year. Not a great professional move…

Rather than rehash the whole thing, below was my twitter reaction to the most recent Ryan Hall excuse for why he hasn’t had a good performance in over two years. To be fair, I haven’t like Hall in a long, long time.  I have a problem with Hall’s inability to stick to a training plan, coach or training venue while simultaneously committing to or showing up for paydays when he knows he’s not ready to race. I have a problem with him taking even an ounce of the spotlight away from Meb, who pulled off a bit of a Miracle on Boylston Street. I don’t know what actually went down on Monday, but my suspicion is that Hall knew he didn’t have it so hoped he could turn it into a kicker’s race. If he was working to “help Meb win,” it doesn’t explain a 2:17 mid finish that barely qualifies him for the next Olympic Trials. It doesn’t explain why the other guys involved in the team tactic ended up 6 minutes ahead of him. Why we’re still talking about Hall’s Boston performance (myself included) is beyond me; I’m more interested in Nick Arciniaga, Jeff Eggleston, Joseph Boit, Craig Leon and Mike Morgan, all of whom had impressive results in the top 13.

Ryan HallIn Other News

More reasons to drink chocolate milk (or perhaps greek yogurt with almond milk)

And in the best news of the week, I may finally have jeans and pants that fit. Normally, I have to fit my legs, which leaves me cinching down waistbands and generally looking like a clown. I’m really REALLY excited for July.

What did you read this week? What was your Marathon Monday like? Anyone else screaming at the television when Meb was coming through the last few miles?

2 thoughts on “Why I Think Ryan Hall is FOS and Other News of the Week

  1. Jason

    I totally LOL’d at this post. I guess we’ll never really know what happened… but as you pointed out, Meb came in first and Ryan came in 20th… so there’s that 🙂


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