A Brief Thought on Life with Compartment Syndrome

I originally started this blog to keep track of my recovery from compartment syndrome surgery and to create a resource for others with CS because it is still so hard to find information about immediate and long term recovery. During a recent conversation with Laurel, I was complaining about how my foot had gone numb for the first time in a long time. It wasn’t nearly as bad as before surgery, but still aggravating enough to be noticed. Laurel quipped “I swear there’s no such thing as “cured” after having CS. Things are better but nowhere near perfect.”

And she’s right. Things are much better post surgery (post both surgeries at this point.) I haven’t had a “wooden foot” run in years. I haven’t tripped and fallen because I literally don’t know where my foot is since my first surgery. For the most part, I don’t have screaming pain in my calf. Clearly, my performances have continued to improve despite a less than perfect repair.

But if something is going to go wrong on a run, it’s going to be my left foot going numb or my calf hurting. If I’m going to be sore after a workout, my surgery side is significantly worse. And try as I might, my left calf has just never caught up to my right. This means I have to be aggressive about stretching, strengthening and foam rolling my left side. If I miss a day, I get called out early on in the next run by whatever gremlin still lives in my left calf.

Anyone else have surgery and have a similar experience of “better but not perfect?”

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